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Steve Emmons 2020 2D Animation Reel

Animation for JASH Youtube Channel, Snapchat, CNN, Denny’s Grand Slams & UCLA

Marketing Campaign for Netflix Animation,The Midnight Gospel

In Collaboration with The Shoe Surgeon

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon Trailer

Co-Writer & VFX Artist for the award-winning short film.

Supercut of Animation from ATTN:’s “Southin’ Off”

Illustration & Animation by Steve Emmons for original series Southin’ Off

Commercial VFX Reel

VFX Artist for Denny’s Grand Slams & ARC instaTemp Commericial

2018 Animation & VFX Reel

This reel contains 2D animation for Documentary, Medical, and Industrial clients, along with cell phone screen replacements for live action.

2D Medical Animation for UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center 

Art & Animation by Steve Emmons. Animation begins at 2:08.

2014 Freelance Animation & VFX Reel

Music is "I Believe" by Kylie Minogue, skrewed & chopped by Keith Rankin.  


JASH presents "Should a Millennial Be President?"

Animated segments at 1:40, 4:00, and 9:00. 

Fit & Fix ® Marketing and Education Campaign

Art & Animation by Steve Emmons

Music: "Brain On Cream" by Giant Claw​

Leila Reel 2010-2012

Art & Animation by Steve Emmons

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